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Red Clover Farm LLC is a small-scale regenerative market garden in Lamoille County, Vermont. We use no-till, biointensive, human-powered methods to produce thriving soil microbiomes and healthy fruit and vegetable crops. We also focus on ecological growing, integrating herbs and flowers into our market garden to promote biodiversity, repel pests, and encourage beneficial insects (especially pollinators).

In 2021 we started our first growing season, taking over the 0.2 acre market garden space at Fat Chance Farm in Hyde Park, VT. We partner with them on deliveries and farmers markets to provide our customers with access to a more diverse food supply all in one place. In 2022 we are expanding our market garden space onto our personal property in Morrisville. We installed an unheated hoop house for season extension, and we will have about 0.3 acres for a small ecologically designed food forest. As a result of this expansion we will also be starting our first extended season (autumn) CSA in 2022.

One of the primary principles of permaculture is "use what you have" and I think we have really leaned into that idea during our first year of farming. It may be unusual to split our time and crops between two locations, but it's what we have.

We are excited to be entering our second season! Come find us at the Morrisville Farmers Market this year, or check out the rest of our site for more info on our CSA offerings!


BettyJo has been working with plants for over ten years. She received her bachelors and masters degrees from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, where she studied plant ecology and ecosystem restoration. After graduating, she worked on organic and ecologically designed farms for several growing seasons, always with the goal of eventually starting her own farm where she could practice regenerative agriculture and ecological design.

BettyJo spends her free time with her husband Paul and her daughter Alana. She also enjoys playing music, hiking, crossfit, and writing songs and prose.

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