About Us

What do we care about at Red Clover Farm LLC? We are a mission-driven farm with three priorities: grow nutritious food, care for the earth, and serve our community by helping busy individuals and families be able to access sustainably grown fresh fruits and veggies.

Our commitment to nutritious food begins with nurturing our soil through regenerative, no-till farming techniques. By partnering with Fat Chance Farm, we enrich our market garden with composted manure from their animals, complemented by cover crops, to foster a thriving soil ecosystem.

While not certified organic, we adhere to organic practices, steering clear of synthetic herbicides and pesticides for the benefit of both consumers and the environment.

Caring for the earth is more than just nurturing soil. We minimize machinery, prioritize efficient manual labor, and employ lean growing techniques to maximize yield in compact spaces.

Embracing ecological practices, we integrate herbs and flowers in our market garden, fostering biodiversity, deterring pests, and attracting beneficial insects (especially pollinators).
Participating in our local community is a core value for us. We want to see local food flourish in Lamoille Valley! We contribute to the local food system by offering sustainably grown greens, berries, and seasonal vegetables.

We know our customers are busy and sometimes it's hard to find time to visit a market or farm stand. That's why we offer local doorstep delivery. We also sell curated, low-prep products such as salad and salsa boxes through our online farm store.

Visit our Vegetable CSA page for more information about that program and catch us at the Morrisville Farmers Market on Saturday mornings starting in May!